QIF 2023


The conference will be held in the buildings of the Lodz University of Technology campus. Lodging is available in the 1st Student Dormitory or in one of the many Hotels located in the city of Lodz. The following are suggestions for accommodation/hotels within walking distance or located a bit further away. Lodz has a well-developed public transportation system consisting of buses and trams, with a single ticket valid for both modes of transportation. You can buy your ticket directly on the tram, bus, or at ticket machines at bus stops (not all bus stops have ticket machines) or online. The city also has a bike-sharing system called Łódzki Rower Publiczny and a mobility scooter Bolt. Uber also operates in Łódź and taxis are available. Still, we encourage you to walk around, most of the places are within walking distance.

1st Student Dormitory: One of the cheapest options is accommodation in hotel rooms at the 1st Student Dormitory of the Lodz University of Technology, located at Aleja Politechniki 3b - Polytechnic Avenue (about 8 minutes on foot from the conference hall). The room has a bathroom, kitchenette (refrigerator, electric kettle), telephone, and internet. Check-in begins at 12.00 and ends at 10.00 the next day. The number of places is limited. Single-person room is 162,00 PLN per night, while a two-person room is 215,00 PLN per night. You can book a room in DS1 by sending an email to anna.garnys@p.lodz.pl, adding 'QIF2023' in the subject line.

Hotels located near campus include: