QIF 2023


Travel and Transport information:

QIF3 2023 will be held on the Lodz University of Technology campus in Łódź, Poland.
Building: B14, ul. Wólczańska 217/221, 93-005 Łódź Poland.

Transport in Lodz:
Lodz has a well-developed public transportation system consisting of buses and trams, with a single ticket valid for both modes of transportation. You can buy your ticket directly on the tram, bus, or at ticket machines at bus stops (not all bus stops have ticket machines) or online. The city also has a bike-sharing system called Łódzki Rower Publiczny and a mobility scooter Bolt. Uber also operates in Łódź and taxis are available. Still, we encourage you to walk around, most of the places are within walking distance.

The nearest airport is the Łódź Airport, however, it has connections to only a handful of cities. Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) - is the closest large airport, located 140 km from Łódź. There is a train station at the airport, from which trains depart from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Łódź via Warszawa Zachodnia. You have to change trains there, there are no direct trains from Warsaw Airport to Łódź. Usually trains from Warsaw Chopin Airport arrive at the platform in Warszawa Zachodnia from which trains to Łódź depart so you do not have to change platforms but always check. Travel takes approx. 2 h.

Since QIF2023 is a satellite meeting of the 17th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry, participants may be interested in travel options to Bratislava.  We will organize a transfer/bus for interested participants. The options for individual travel are listed below. 
  1. Travel by airplane Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) - Airport Bratislava (BTS). From Łódź Fabryczna, you can take a train (Polish State Railways) to Warsaw Chopin Airport, from which you can fly directly to Bratislava.
  2. You can also travel by train directly to Bratislava from Warsaw Central Station. It runs daily. Travel time is about 9 hours. Tickets are available at Polrail or PKP Intercity
  3. There is also a FLIXBUS bus from the Łódź Fabryczna station to Bratislava. The bus runs daily at different times, which you can quickly check here. Unfortunately, the bus trip is the longest, about 14 h.